Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

the air train is neither a plane on rails nor a train in the sky

I have returned to the dreary reality of Maryland after three days in New York with Rohini and Laura. Tuesday was all about trains: Amtrak transported me from Baltimore to NYC in comfort and style. Later, Ro and I took the subway and the "Air Train" to the airport to fetch the travel-weary but extremely welcome Laura. Given the length of the impending journey and the exhaustion of us all, we opted to take a cab back to Ro's place. This was an expensive option, but ultimately the correct decision.

We ate a massive amount of food in my short time there. Before Laura's arrival, Ro and I had a great Mexican lunch in a restaraunt with tableside guacamole-making. The guacamole was based on two whole avocados, and the two of us ate it all in addition to rather a lot of our entrees. We got three tiny pies to eat that night. Laura and I had fresh apple cider, a lovely rye bread, and some soft goat cheese for lunch Wednesday, all from the farmer's market at Union Square, and eaten on a bench in the park there while watching the sketchers and the walkers and the odd bird-calling man. We had kobe beef cheeseburgers with avocado that night, and later went to a tiny and lovely bar called The Bourgeois Pig where we sipped red wine and ate chocolate fondue. Yesterday was lunch at the fancy macaroni and cheese place, and then some wonderful cupcakes with the best frosting.

We created magnetic poems on the closet door. We pointed at all the dogs we passed. We giggled and wandered and were just generally glad to be together again for awhile. I have some pictures that will show up on flickr later- none are at all indicative of the fact that we were in New York, but I wasn't there for tourism. I was sad when it came time to get on the train again.

I had a lovely few days away from home and away from work, and now I have plenty to keep me busy at the office in this one day before the weekend. (My coworker who was supposed to be helping out while I was gone was able to do the things that I'd given him specifically before I left, but had no chance to check my mailbox. And I get a lot of mail.) I'd rather have stayed with my friends. Sharif won't be back for another week, and tomorrow is our second anniversary. I haven't yet decided if I will react to that with a wish for socializing or if I will seek out solitude. I think I need a bit of both.

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