Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

filled with fun

What a good weekend! First of all, the warmth finally arrived, so I got to spend the whole time jacketless, which automatically makes me happier. Plus, I kept busy with a mixture of fun things and productivity.

Friday night I met up with a large group for dinner at Bertucci's and a late showing of Hot Fuzz. Super fun. The gory parts of the movie are really gross, but they are scattered, and the whole thing is so funny that I am willing to deal with it. Yarp.

Saturday during the day, I did all of my laundry. All of it! I've been going far too long with a system of washing only enough clothing to get me through a week or so. This is a major improvement. I can open my closet and have choices. While the various loads were running, I managed to change the sheets on my bed, clean the kitchen, straighten up a lot of my bedroom, and take a walk with my mom in Patapsco state park.

That evening was Brian's party, which was good fun. We played the "you look just like your sister" game, which is inevitable any time a group of people meets Erica who has thus far only met me. (Naturally, it works the other way around too.) Of course, we're not actually identical, but we certainly look like sisters, and no one is going to say "Wow, you sure do look related to your sister." Many thanks to Amy for the ride, as I did enjoy the beers.

Yesterday was errands and family time. I also defeated the burnt-out bulb in my brake light.

I'm missing the boy, but he's having fun. The team came in 3rd place out of 21 teams in the tournament this weekend, which means a cash prize, and is great for their very first in-person event. And now he gets to spend some time travelling and playing music. I'm really glad he's getting the chance to do this, and at least so far I've been much too busy to be lonely and mopey. This is good.

Tonight I have to pack, because tomorrow morning I get on the train to New York! It's really exciting- I haven't seen Laura in ages and ages, and haven't had any extended time with Rohini in far too long. Plus, I really need the break from work. This will be good.

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