Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

things i didn't know

Things I learned by example on my commute this morning:

1. 10mph over the speed limit on a residential street is not fast enough.
2. Double yellow lines should not prevent you from passing in a school zone.
3. If you are trying to turn but someone is walking in the crosswalk (with the light on their side), you should just turn anyway.

I left the house about five minutes early this morning, and apparently that's when the stupid people drive.

On the plus side, the sun has come out! It's a lovely day for the Boy to have his 8-hour drive. We went to the library last night and found him some books on CD to keep him company. There was a lady in the recorded book section at the same time, very happy to try to give advice. I was being unhelpful and recommending a bunch of books I knew he wouldn't want. (Super Secrets of the Manicure Club? OK, I made that one up.) She thought I was funny, and decided to be our friend. She asked Sharif what kind of books he likes to read, and when he said science fiction, the scene went like this:

Happy lady: Oh, there's this author, he has a new one out. It's a series, and I know it's a series because when I finished the book, I was sad that I would have to wait for a new one. It's science fiction . . . gee, what was the name?
Another lady: Grisham?
Happy lady: No . . .
Other lady: Was it like Grisham?
Happy lady: No, more like Eddings, but not Eddings.
Sharif: What are the books about?
Happy lady: I don't remember! I can see it . . .
Sharif: What does the cover look like?
Happy lady: I don't know! Oh, this is going to bug me.
Sharif: Look, a Dune book! I'll get that.
Joanna: And here's some Bradbury. Let's go look at the children's section and see if they have any Harry Potter for you.

At that point we left, without ever solving the mystery of That Guy That Wrote That Book. I think I have an idea of what it's like to be butnotdavid or wowbagger now.

Anyway, boy gone for two weeks. Weekend looking to be lovely. Joanna has some work to do.

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