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Previous Entry gotta love the consumption Apr. 9th, 2007 @ 09:19 am Next Entry
Sarah and I were Consumption buddies at the Might Could show on Friday. The show was good fun, if super crowded. My initial reaction to the crowd was irritation, until I decided to look at it from the perspective of "Look at all the people who are excited to see these guys". That made it better, although I probably would have found that more difficult if I hadn't managed to snag a seat for myself. It was definitely good to see Tim, and I'm looking forward to open mic tomorrow, for more of the same.

Saturday, Sharif and I had been hoping to get outside and do something bike-y, but it was just too cold and I was just too unwell. So we had soup and ran a couple of quick errands, but mostly stuck around the house. Watched TV and played video games, drank tea. The health tea that Amy gave me was not as horrible as I was expecting, based on her descriptions. Granted, it wasn't the tea that I would choose in other circumstances, but it was drinkable.

I was feeling a little better yesterday for Easter, thank goodness. Family and friends and food and drink at the parents' house, as such days should be. You can tell it was a successful get-together because most of the glasses in the cabinet got used. Sharif and I managed to get back to his house in time to watch Planet Earth, which continues to enthrall. I love the wonderpus octopus.

Less healthy again today. I considered just staying home, but hoped that getting up and moving would help. We'll see how that goes.
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