Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


I will accept either of the two following scenarios:

1. I stop coughing

2. I just go on and get sick already so that I can then move on to getting better. (And get a day or two away from work in the process?)

I would vastly prefer the first. The second is really only acceptable if it can delay its beginning until Monday.

I keep feeling my forehead, in the schoolchild hope that I'm developing a fever in the absence of any related symptoms. 'Cause then I could go home, you see. And my head does feel warm, but that's just because I'm at work, and my hands are always cold here. Anything at proper body temperature feels warm.

I shall concentrate instead on looking forward to tomorrow evening. The long-awaited (albeit temporary) return of mightcould and Might Could! Hurrah!

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