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Everyone needs money. That's why they call it money.

OK, as promised, the work stuff.

It looks like I'm out of a job once the end of April rolls around. They are closing our BWI base because the company has lost the charter contract that we've been flying. There have been whisperings and rumors about this sort of thing happening for awhile, but I didn't really put much stock in them. For one thing, I know better than to believe everything I hear from the people I work with. I hear a lot. It couldn't all be true. For anther thing, they just hired and trained a new batch of people, and it doesn't make sense to go through all of that trouble if you know that they aren't going to have a job after two months. But yesterday we got a MEMO in our mailboxes outlining the "Transfer opportunities for seasonal employees". Not even a meeting or a real letter or anything to let us know that we ARE seasonal employees. And as I can't afford to move to Denver or St. Louis, I have no choice but to start the job search again. Bah.

Anyone want to hire me? Or pay my way through grad school?


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