Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
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In theory, I had two possible lunches-of-leftovers available to me today. However, one is currently sitting in Sharif's fridge, since I forgot about it last night when I headed home. The other is in my own fridge at home, and I have no good reason for not bringing it to the office with me. I wanted to! I intended to! Apparently I simply fail at removing food from the refrigerator when leaving a house.

It was a lovely weekend. One disappointment- we really wanted to see the lunar eclipse on Saturday. We planned around it. But when the time came, the clouds were set up in an extremely inconvenient configuaration, blocking that entire side of the sky. We even drove to higher ground (a great big hill on the Catonsville Community College campus), but it didn't help. As we were walking back to the car, denied astronomical satisfaction, another couple came around a corner and headed toward the same parking lot. "Looking for the moon?" they asked. We all agreed that the clouds were unkind.

Otherwise, though, all was smooth. Friday night dinnerandamovie turned into Friday night dinner followed by hanging out at Brian's house, as a little research revealed that there were no movies available that Sharif and I had both heard of and wanted to see. (Somehow, he wasn't interested in watching a fluffy romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore- just as an example.)

Saturday, prior to the total eclipse of the lunar eclipse, the Boy and I spent some time in Historic Ellicott City. We had a nice lunch at the inexpensive side of the Tiber River Tavern, we bought some fudge at the fudge/Native American jewelry shop, we played in the toy store. Then we rode up and down the streets of Oella before finding the family-run butcher shop in a very obvious spot that probably should have been the first place we looked. We would have missed some really excellent hairpin curves, though, so this way worked fine. We left that place with two bags of meat. Fun!

Sunday we finally got to see the production of Arsenic and Old Lace at the Laurel Mill Playhouse, featuring my sister as Edward Everett Horton . . . I mean Miss Witherspoon. It was quite fun, as was the post-play outing to Red Hot 'n Blue with the family. Sharif's playoff game at 10:00pm meant that I had to stay up for the midnight rerun of Battlestar Galactica, which means that I am tired today.

Someone who called me this morning, after a long conversation in which I tried to help her with things that are not normally my job, asked if I had seen "the article in the Sunday paper." When I asked what article she meant, she said "the article in the Sunday paper." Since I didn't read the paper (and she didn't even specify which paper), I said no, I hadn't seen it, at which point she totally failed to elaborate. I feel that I am missing something.

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