Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

It's a serious condition

In the interest of honesty, I feel that I should admit that people are occasionally much more decent than I give them credit for. Last week I was annoyed that I had spent so long shoveling out my car on Wednesday but would never be able to park there again. However, when I got home that evening, and every evening since then, that space has been empty and waiting for me. Even last night, which is amazing, considering that it is almost always much more difficult to find parking when I return from open mic on Tuesday. So score one for you, neighbors. That's pretty awesome.

And now we're in our second day of warmer-than-40-degree weather, and the melting progress is visible. There's still plenty of ice out there, but maybe it won't actually last until June.

In only slightly related news, last night Amy and I compared maladies. She had "Laptop Elbow". I had "Falling-On-The-Ice Butt".

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