Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

my mardi gras feasting shall have to wait

Oh so hungry.

I just went to the vending machine, because I failed this weekend to buy oatmeal or granola bars or anything breakfasty to keep in my desk. The one thing in the machine that looked remotely appropriate to eat at this time of day was a bag of trail mix. So I deposited my 75 cents and retrieved my prize.

Except that the bag has a hole in it. A pretty big one.

I'm not going to eat it, and I don't really care about the loss of my change. But that was the only trail mix in the machine. And I really don't want sour cream and onion potato chips or a Snickers bar for breakfast. Lame. Someone should bring me a waffle. Or some french toast.

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