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and this evening there will probably be MORE shopping - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About and this evening there will probably be MORE shopping

Previous Entry and this evening there will probably be MORE shopping Feb. 12th, 2007 @ 09:25 am Next Entry
I went to DSW on Saturday morning, and so am now wearing these shoes in brown. I think they are super cute. I also bought a new pair of walking shoes. I was looking for cross trainers, but the only pair I really liked specified "walking". Eh. What do I ever do beyond walking, anyway?

The weekend went by extremely quickly. Friday evening was spent celebrating my mom's birthday. Dinner at Pachanga Grill, a couple of episodes of Monty Python, cake and ice cream added to already full stomachs. Surprisingly early to bed.

Saturday morning, as previously established, I went shopping. Most of the afternoon was spent on Sharif's couch, watching Discovery HD. Three episodes of Dirty Jobs. That show is both disgusting and fascinating. The ilyAIMY/Aowtar show at the New Deal that night was awesome. A full house, great music, and a Gabe who made his way back into the world that I know. I think we got him in trouble with Zip Car, but hopefully he won't hold that against us. Too bad he had to miss the second set. After the music ended, Jess declared that we needed to go drink. I certainly wasn't going to argue. A couple of beers, then home to bed.

I slept late on Sunday, had a home-necessities shopping trip with the Boy, then spent the evening playing video games until Battlestar Galactica came on. Yesterday didn't feel like Sunday, but today sure does feel like Monday. I have a new assignment from the president of the company to keep me busy, at least. It involves math, but I think I'll be OK.
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