Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

winter weather advisory

Kelli went to Baja Fresh for lunch and brought me a burrito. She also allowed me to share her guacamole. Kelli is my hero now.

I keep treating today like a Friday. It feels like Friday. But I'm going to have to come into work tomorrow, so that state of mind is unacceptable. I blame the monotone grey skies. It looks like it's going to start snowing at any moment. Of course, it looked like this when I got here this morning, and the weather reports are saying that it shouldn't start until 6pm, and we'll probably only get an inch . . . but it looks like snow, and that's what my subconscious is working from. My schoolkid instincts are chanting snow day snow day snow day. Maybe I should turn my pajamas inside out tonight.

I'm wearing mutilated socks on my arms at the moment. They don't keep my fingers warm, but my wrists and the non-typing parts of my hands are nice and toasty.

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