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Today my mom was not feeling well, so she worked from home and made chicken soup. Somehow, the concept of the person who is feeling sick being the one to make the chicken soup seems wrong- but hey. I don't know how to make it, and although I'm sure that someday I will learn, I don't plan on sticking my hands inside a whole raw chicken anytime soon.

What I did make today is a batch of chocolate-chip shortbread bars. They look mighty good, and I am looking forward to eating them. Yummy. I got the recipe from my Safeway receipt from when I bought chocolate chips. I thought that was pretty weird.

This is the picture of Charlie Weasley that I drew for Erica:

He's saying "For robes I go to Madame Malkin's, but for plastic pants it's Hot Topic all the way."
(gee. that's a big picture.)

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