Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


Bad mood today. No real reason for it. My phone's been quiet, which is a blessing, since I really don't want to talk to anyone who's going to expect me to help them. Often I envy misfidget with her working at home and her kitties and such. Today is definitely one of those days.

Perk was weird last night- the new bar is huge and takes up so much customer space. There's now only one route to the bathrooms and the porch, and that is directly in front of the stage area. There were tables where our couches should be, and they were trying to do table service? I ignored that and continued to order at the counter, although it was difficult, as the whole concept of "lines" fails at bars. I dunno. Important people were missing, and it was too cold to hang out on the porch. I left earlier than normal.

Don't want to be here.

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