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Most of my yesterday was spent sitting on the couch and watching the snow fall outside the window. Sometimes there was a puppy nearby. This was an acceptable use of my time. After the sun went down,Sharif made dinner- lamb and chicken kabobs. Later, we bundled up and set off into the dark. We needed dessert and hot chocolate and movement and fresh air. We walked to the store through the wet falling snow, and back to the house through fluffy white flakes. It was cold, but not windy, so we didn't really mind. Sharif's glasses fogged up, so I was his guide.

It was easy to clean off my car when it was time for me to go home- a light soft layer of white that brushed off with no difficulty. I slept well in my warm dark cocoon and actually woke rested. I showered as hot as I could. Afterwards, wrapped in my robe, I decided to call my office's inclement weather hotline. Just in case. And, miraculously, it told me of a delayed opening. I was granted an extra two hours of my morning. I heated up the cinnamon rolls that were in my fridge. I sipped mint tea and read stories of Fragile Things. I had time to clear off my front porch and steps. It almost makes me want to start getting up two hours earlier on normal days. Almost.

The weekend prior to snow was lovely as well. We went to Silver Spring on Friday night, where we ate at Mandalay. (Enter, sit, order, eat, all in about 40 minutes. We were hungry.) We had coffee and cheesecake at Borders, then met a crowd at the AFI theatre to watch Pan's Labyrinth. It hurt my heart, but in a good way. Some of us then retreated to Brian's house, where we played with the hedgehog and the Wii. Saturday was sleeping late, followed by grocery shopping, bread and brie, cooking, a visit from Sharif's sister.

Now is work.

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