Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

why does it feel like the air conditioning is on?

In case anyone hasn't heard, there is no open mic tonight. So don't show up at the Perk expecting to find friends and music. They won't be there!

I could take this opportunity to earn some more overtime, but I think that I will instead go home after work and eat leftover Chinese food. Sharif and I tried to go out for Indian last night, but the place was closed. We ended up at a Chinese restaraunt down the block, and it was tasty, but far too much food. This is fine, as I now have crispy sesame eggplant enough to last me a week. Especially if I keep forgetting to bring it here for lunch.

For the first day back at work after a three-day weekend, I'm feeling surprisingly little pressure. I am, in fact, so distractable today that I've hardly accomplished anything productive (and related to work). I've got plenty to do, but not crushingly so.

The weekend was pretty relaxed. Friday we met some folks at Erica's house and were treated to yummy soup, good company, and Taboo. Playing Taboo with Dan is like holding a conversation with William Shatner holding a thesaurus. Saturday I had to lame out on going to Frederick to see Erica's play at the MD one-act play competition, as I'd promised to visit Sharif's parents. I wish I could have seen the play again, and the adjudication afterwards, but I'm a good girl. We did have a very nice meal and I always love to play with the doggie. And we went to see Children of Men, which was a tense and absorbing experience. Sunday was as lazy as possible, with a trip to the playground, a lot of time on the couch, and videogaming. Monday was mall, then more lazy.

I need to decide what I want for lunch. I think that will hold my attention much better than anything else at this office today.

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