Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

20 hours without food will do that to me

It eventually occurred to me that the reason I was feeling so awful this morning might be that I completely forgot to eat dinner last night. I had a very nice lunch at our company holiday party, and it was a very nice time overall, but afterwards I had to go back to the office when almost everyone else skipped out and went to happy hour. So I wasn't in a good mood when I left the office yesterday. When I got home, I almost immediately changed into pajamas, turned off the lights, and started playing Oblivion on the 360. My night was a very long time of that, followed by two episodes of Futurama that I hadn't seen before, followed by bed. I had some cookies on the table next to me while I was playing, so I finished those off, but real food was at no time consumed. Lucky for me, I had a piece of pizza in the fridge here, left over from Tuesday's lunch.

I don't have to work this coming Monday, and the three-day weekend is going to be very welcome. More welcome than seems necessary, considering that I haven't worked a full week since . . . what, early December? This is basically the end of that streak, and I shall have a far more regular schedule starting soon. Boo.

I've been in this job for one year now- so that's more than two years with the same company. No real thoughts on this, just wanted to mention it.

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