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dreams really do come true - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About dreams really do come true

Previous Entry dreams really do come true Jan. 8th, 2007 @ 10:44 am Next Entry
It really worked out amazingly well. Friday was dark and wet and chilly (granted, not January cold, but chilly nonetheless). I wanted a Labor Day party, but figured that it was just a foolish dream. Saturday was sunshiney and bright and shortsleeves warm. Jess and Dan had a new firepit in their backyard that needed to be broken in. They had mountain pie irons (basically the sandwich makers I've been coveting since I was a child, but on sticks for holding over a flame). We got beer and sandwich fixings and did what we had to do. It was an unseasonal Labor Day party of four, and it was lovely.

After eating far too many sandwiches (seriously, three sandwiches means six pieces of bread), we all headed to the ilyAIMY/Dan Zimmerman show at the Perk. Music, friends, you know how it goes. I got points for honesty, I guess, as I admitted to a mocha that didn't show up on my tab, and as a result had to pay for nothing. Stuck around for quite awhile after the music stopped, and around 3:00am Sharif was hungry again. We headed to a diner with Rae and rob, and filled the table with an unusual medley of flavors. One milkshake, one crab soup and root beer, one rare steak and scrambled eggs and pepsi, one giant brownie sundae. This last was mine. It was glorious, but far too large, especially as I was still aware of the three sandwiches. And no one would help me eat it! A sad waste of a sundae, I'm afraid. On the way back to Catonsville, I was hit by the tired, and was barely able to make the changing-from-clothes-to-pajamas effort before collapsing into bed after 4:30. I'm fairly certain I forgot to brush my teeth.

I slept well into the day, then spent a couple of hours alternating between laundry and XBox before we headed out into the drizzle to visit Ro at her parents' new house. There was yummy food and a monster games of Apples to Apples. I found the proper noun for the combination of adjectives that was "repulsive" and "irresistable". (It was "Microsoft".) And I got home to bed at a more reasonable time.

I am annoyed at having to be at work today, which is why I took the time to write this up. I have plenty to do, though. Back to it.
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