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I have a lot of stuff. My room is full to bursting, just with stuff- most of which is unneccessary. From where I am sitting, I can see a small stuffed owl named Clementine; my Indiana Jones hat; a driving cap that used to belong to Grandpa Smith; my bulletin board (which in itself is covered with stuff); a wind-up Wallace in his techno-trousers; a wooden box holding my chessmen; a styrofoam plane; a plastic cup holding a paintbrush, some stencil paint, a pen and a stick of gum; an issue of Vanity Fair with Harry Potter on the cover; a stuffed cat that belongs to Erica and I don't want but lives in my room anyway; about a billion other stuffed animals; books and books and books; "Quentin" the clock with no hands; my high school graduation cap; candles of all shapes and sizes; two plastic eggs; an ugly little bowl and a bear that I made in pottery class in Freshman year of high school; my ET alarm clock; a large tin with dinosaurs on it; a basket full of rose rocks; my "Handy Dandy notebook"; a paper dragon; a glass cube with pennies suspended in it; a glass christmas tree candle holder; two banks; two jewelry boxes; a sign that says "People who don't like cats were probably mice in an earlier life"; some fake flowers from a family reunion when I was about ten; a cream soda bottle with a little paper umbrella stuck in it; a Coca-Cola bottle with a candle stuck in it; a bunch of fake pointsettias; two Glow-worms; a styrofoam bird; a Seton Keough pom-pom and a UMBC pom-pom; Eeyore under glass; a Dormouse mask; my computer; my television which can only be used for videos and the Nintendo at the moment; a jingle bell hanging on my doorknob; five small Alice in Wonderland snowglobes . . . and all of this is without turning my head more than a couple of inches to the left. And I left a lot out. This means that if I were to make an inventory of the contents of my room- including both bookshelves, my dresser, and (yikes!) under my bed, it would take a very long time and would reveal just how much of a packrat I am. I don't think I'll do that.

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