Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Thank God it's Fake-Friday

Monday's dream is now on seemslikeowls. Last night's may show up there later today, depending on my workload.

Today started out rough. I woke up shortly after I was supposed to be out the door. Apparently, I turned off my alarm clock both times it went off this morning, and completely forgot about it immediately. Bad. So I am unshowered and hastily dressed and bespectacled. Sigh.

To add to this, the cold water faucet in my bathroom sink has recently decided that it simply will not shut off. It was dripping a bit before, but now there is a constant stream of water. Turning off the entire waterflow to the bathroom prevents showering and use of the toilet and any use of the hot water faucet. But the cold water is still coming at the same rate. It won't get harder when I turn on the tap, but even turned off, there's still a steady stream. Mysterious. And annoying.

But it's the last day of my two-day work week and I have plenty to do, so hopefully it will go by quickly. Then I have six straight days of being elsewhere. This is a thrill beyond thrills.

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