Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Long absence, silly entry

There is a cool-to-the-touch styrofoam coolerbox in the mailroom. It was delivered for one of my coworkers today by UPS. It was sent to her by a vendor that she uses for some work-related task or other. It is generally believed to contain meat- a turkey or something similar. I maintain that this is Weird.

Am I wrong? Is it not weird to send a gift of meat to someone with whom you have only a professional relationship? Is it not weird to receive a gift of meat at the office?

(In case you were wondering- yes, I do think believe that it would be less weird if sent to friends/family at home.)

This has consumed me to the point that I have been compelled to put together a poll.

Poll #886684 Weird or Not Weird?

Sending a gift of meat to the recipient's workplace:

Not Weird

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