Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

countdown to turkey

It's a three day work week. This is thrilling. Three days on, four days off is a system that I will support wholeheartedly. And Thursday is Thanksgiving, which is essentially my favorite day of the year. I have my fingers crossed that the shortened week goes smoothly and quickly.

This weekend was one of the laziest on record. Here are the things I did (in order of my own personal usefulness): I helped Lacey hang a few pictures. I put some frozen french fries on a cookie sheet and pre-heated the oven. I rode in the car as Sharif and I fetched Erica from the airport. I ate chicken and dumplings at my parents' house.

Fill in the entirety of the rest of the weekend with sleeping and playing Final Fantasy III, and you will have a complete picture of the last few days. It was good.

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