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adventures in electronic entertainment - Have Fedora, Will Travel

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Previous Entry adventures in electronic entertainment Nov. 16th, 2006 @ 09:14 am Next Entry
My goal for yesterday was to spend the evening in my pajamas, eating Girl Scout cookies and playing the newly-released Final Fantasy III on my Nintendo DS. In order to accomplish this, all that I needed to do was buy the game. Best Buy is close to the office, so I first checked the online in-store availability guide. I saw that the game was in stock, so I headed that way after work.

There was a line of people camped out in front of the store, tents and everything. I'm assuming that this was for the new PS3 and/or Wii systems? I knew people would do that, but I've never actually experienced the phenomenon before. I was pretty thrilled. Inside the store, however, I couldn't find my game. The kid who I asked for help looked up the stock on the computer, found that they had received 26 copies, and went to find me one. He came back some minutes later to tell me that the games were in the store, but still in the boxes, and they had not yet been entered into the system. So I couldn't buy one. "Come back tomorrow." Sigh.

Target was on the way home. Empty slot, rain check tickets. At this point it became a matter of pride. The Gamestop website had listed zero in-stock when I did my search, but I had since learned that the internet can not be trusted. So I stopped at the one near my house. Of course, they had it, and I was able to buy the game and walk out of the store in about two minutes. So eventually I did get the evening I wanted, but my feet hurt and I was really hungry before I managed to get home and get it started.

Today I'm tired and it's raining. These seem to be the themes of the week.
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