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Previous Entry Health day vacation Nov. 2nd, 2006 @ 02:55 pm Next Entry
I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold yesterday at work. It got worse in the evening, when I was at Sharif's house for dinner. He did the cooking (well, rice-preparation and chinese food-reheating) while I felt sorry for myself on the couch. After dinner, I basically did the same thing, only this time the Boy was on the couch as well and letting me rest on him as we watched TV. I went home relatively early to let him study, and went straight to bed.

I wasn't much recovered this morning, but made my way into work anyway, as Diana is on vacation today and tomorrow, and I had promised to sit at the reception desk for the morning. I did this, but then left when my relief arrived at noon. I decided to convalesce at my parents' house, as my house has a sad lack of food and convenient bathtub. So here I am. I have taken a hot hot bath, eaten a good bowl of soup, and finished The Time-Traveler's Wife (Finally! I was three quarters of the way done after two days, but then had to set it aside for almost a week! It hurt!). I am feeling somewhat more alive, and I think that I will probably be ok for a full Friday at work.

Maybe it is time for tea.
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