Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Review of New Food

The Girl Scouts' new offering, Sugar Free Little Brownies, are not at all what I'd hoped they would be. This is even ignoring the fact that the box contains one bag that is perhaps half full of the foodstuffs in question. I mean, sure, they're chocolatey. And they taste fine. But they are not soft. A cookie consistency is not what I expect when I hear the word "brownie" and therefore it makes my mouth process the sensation as "stale brownie". Jarring. Perhaps in future, as I eat the rest of the box (because, of course, I will still be eating the rest of the box), I will be able to think of them as "Sugar Free Little Chocolate Cookie Squares" and then these new treats and I will be able to live in harmony. At the moment, however, I am wishing that I opened the Thin Mints.

In other news, despite nigh-overwhelming tiredness, I made my way down to Rockville after work in order to attend the Institute of Musical Traditions's Led Zeppelin tribute. ilyAIMY and Tinsmith both participated, as did a folk-y duo, a lone guy with a guitar, and a steel drum band. It was well worth the trek. Now, however, I must to bed. A costumed day approaches.

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