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NO THANK YOU, SPAM - Have Fedora, Will Travel


Previous Entry NO THANK YOU, SPAM Oct. 26th, 2006 @ 09:51 am Next Entry
99.9% of the spam that arrives in my gmail spam box has a subject line about Viagra. Or, well, VAIGRA or VA1GrA or something. Isn't there anyone out there who thinks that there might be a better way to catch my interest? Clearly, this one isn't working.

I miss the week or so when all of my spam seemed to be throwing me into the middle of a short story. "Frankly," he said, as he gestured with is cigarette, "The problem here . . ." I prefer to think that Xpsvlxzi and Mr. Bunting T. Cuisine know that I like to read, rather than believing I have a specific impossible problem that can be treated with a pill.
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