Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

a few things

I need a red knee-length skirt, preferably pleated. I need it before a week from today, and I need to it be either really cheap or something that I will like enough to wear often.

Work today has not sucked. I have plenty to do to prevent boredom. I got to spend some time at the front desk playing Solitaire while covering for our receptionist's doctor's appointment. I got (literally) pulled into a meeting without warning by the Senior Vice President, and I was able to be knowledgable and helpful and to accept a few tasks graciously.

And tomorrow I get to go arts and crafts supply shopping! During work! No one else wanted to take responsibility for buying supplies and cutting and pasting decorations for the calendar/bulletin board for the month of November. They got really excited when I indicated that it was something that I might be willing to do. I'm pleased.

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