Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Here is my weekend

Here is my Friday evening:

- Sure am glad work is over! In fact, I'm leaving half an hour early! Yay!

- Doing some laundry, heating up a frozen pizza, watching some CSI and Star Trek while waiting for Sharif to finish tutoring? Works for me!

- I have been summoned to a bar for a post-tutoring beer with Sharif and his student, so off I go!

- Whoa, how is it 10:40 already? We've got to get home for the 11:00 run of Battlestar Galactica!

- Arg! Why isn't the cable working?! We've only got 10 minutes! To my house, quickly! Lucky I live so close to Sharif!

- What the?! Doctor Who? Well, then, looks like we have an hour to kill before the midnight run of Battlestar.

- Yay! Battlestar!

Here is my Saturday:

- Good morning! Let's go have breakfast at "Not-Technically-IHOP-anymore". French toast is yummy!

- It's a lovely day! We shall go to Baltimore to meet Sharif's sister and watch people in costumes, accompanied by their outlandishly-designed gliding machines, jump into the Harbor. And we shall take the puppy!

- Sure does suck spending 45 minutes looking for parking! Sure am looking forward to spending $21 on three hours!

- OK, puppy. You are clearly terrified of the crowd of thousands of people. I will carry you. You will be more comfortable on the less-crowded grass of Federal Hill.

- Heh. Those people are crazy! That was fun. And we're leaving in plenty of time to get home for my roommate's 5:00 party. We're hungry, but there will be food there.

- Why have we been waiting to leave the parking garage for half an hour?

- Why have we been waiting to leave the parking garage for an hour?

- Why did it take an hour and forty minutes to get out of a parking garage? Our theory . . . people are STUPID.

- Home at last! Diwalli! Shots and beer and Indian food and poker. Damn straight.

Here is my Sunday:

- I'm going to the mall! Buying pants and socks and halloween supplies and a scented oil burner! Lunch with my sister! Excellent.

- I'm going to my boyfriend's house! I shall read while he plays video games. Later we shall eat. It shall be a day of lazy.

- It has been a day of lazy. Now I sleep.

Here is my today:

- Getting out of bed sucks.

- Going to work sucks.

- Baja Fresh is pretty great.

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