Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

I'm wearing stripey kneesocks, but no one can tell

I am going to be boyfriendless this weekend. Sharif is abandoning me in order to spend the weekend with his best friend, centered around a Tool concert Saturday night. He is really really excited about this, and it's awfully cute, so I can't hold it against him. (Really, why would I, anyway?)

Sunday is devoted to family, as it's the official celebration of Erica's birthday (albeit a few days early). I really hope that her present arrives in time. I thought I ordered it in plenty of time, but each day the estimated delivery date is pushed back another day, so that now it is scheduled to arrive on her birthday. I hope they are just messing with me, so that I'll be really pleased when I find it on my porch, say, tomorrow. (Please please please.)

Saturday I will probably go out on my bike for a bit, but I am weak yet, and it shall therefore not take up very much of my time. Hmm, maybe I'll finally get some cleaning done. Maybe.

Last night's open mic was fun, as usual. Ann introduced us all to Mr. Glockamole Glockenspeilberg III during Pornography in Denmark's set. I'm a fan. And Ann was awesome. Sharif's drink was huge and bright and entirely alcohol. There was an interlude of EXTREME close-up portrait photography. I won a silly face contest. We came up with several inefficent ways to get pregnant. It started simple (touching butts while fully clothed), but quickly escalated into truly weird (one person inside a glacier, the other sculpted of butter). So yeah, your average Tuesday.

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