Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

weather daze

All of the people who normally send me work were in an all-day meeting yesterday. I imagine that this will mean a greater volume of email and calls for me as today goes on, but at the moment it just means that my usually-full inter-office mailbox contained only two envelopes this morning. I am at loose ends. So much of what I have to do relies on others to complete at least one step before I am able to get started. Those steps have not yet been done. Therefore, journal updating!

It's a grey day, the third in a row, and I'm feeling it. At least, I'm blaming the weather for the daze and the distraction. It's a convenient scapegoat, and probably deserves it. If only we could get a nice storm out of it, I think that I would be much happier. (I'm talking heavy rain and maybe some thunder here. Not hurricane-force winds, you understand.)

I wish that I was a person who could get by with only a few hours of sleep. I always feel like I'm missing a lot of fun by leaving open mic when I do. Last night there was an unexpected supply of pomegranite schnapps behind the bar, and I was convinced to try a poma-rita. Tasty! Sharif was the true lab animal, though, and was given a number of brightly-colored drinks to test. He was pretty happy by the time I left.

Sigh. I'm seriously considering the nap-at-my-parents'-house approach to lunchtime today. I'm not actually terribly sleepy, but the energy level is low. It's been there for the past few days, in fact. Bah.

I wish I had a kitty at the office. Or a puppy! Or a mouse! Or . . . um . . . a turtle? You know, something cute and alive. That isn't me.

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