Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

meatball sub day

Knowing that I was going to the mall after work yesterday, I put a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes in a bag and set them by the stairs on Sunday night, all set for the grabbing on my way out the door. Naturally, when the time came, I completely ignored the bag and headed to work without my change of clothes. So I roamed the mall in my skirt and pantyhose and high heels, not particularly comfortable. I accomplished my goals, however, and left triumphant, arriving home in plenty of time for a relaxed finishing up of the evening's tasks, as well as an early bedtime.

Today the office is quiet. I've answered my phone perhaps three times so far. I'll be finished with today's paperwork very shortly. There is a mountain of filing to be done- I can see it now in my peripheral vision. It is mocking me. Perhaps this afternoon I can make some headway in defeating it. I do like filing sometimes- making sure that everything is neat and alphabetical is a calm and orderly, satisfying activity. But my cabinets are so full at the moment. I have to pull out a number of outdated files to make room for the new ones, but first I have to have somewhere to put them. Which means ordering storage boxes. Which means a wait. So for the time being, the physical act of adding anything to the cabinets, while still theoretically possible, is very difficult.

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