Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

serious life analysis? probably not.

Suddenly, I needed chocolate.

I abandoned my desk temporarily to pay a visit to the vending machine. When I got there . . . no chocolate! It was tragic. There were questionable icing-covered bun things. I saw gum and Fritos and Combos. There were, somehow, Mike & Ikes. But no chocolate for me.

I was despondant right up until the moment that I mentioned this to someone on my way back to my desk. She opened up a drawer and offered me my choice of a glorious array of chocolate items. I ended up with my very own bar of chocolate, peanut butter, and little crispy rice things.

I imagine that this is how my quest for the Holy Grail would probably go. I'd fight dragons and climb mountains and pass perilous tests, each time risking my life and bringing myself closer to my destination. Then, once I reached the shrine or the crypt or the cave or whatever, I would just find a dusty pedestal with nothing on display. On my way back, I'd stop for a drink in the first town I encountered, complain about my lot to the barkeep, then be offered my choice of any number of holy relics.

I do usually end up with what I need, it's just that it usually seems to happen by accident.

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