Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

no fair giving your child a name that can not be pronounced in the average human lifespan

I didn't leave open mic until after midnight rolled around. Oddly, I feel rested this morning. Apparently, though, I don't look well. At least, when Bree came in, the first thing she said was "Wow. You look sick." I am sniffling today, and she came in just at the end of a minute-long sneezing fit. I hope I'm not coming down with Erica's plague. And if I am, I wonder why I'm not tired. That's screwy.

I had a good time last night.

I was sitting alone on a couch for some time, but when a couple of people came to ask if someone else was sitting on the rest of it, I said "well, sorta". At that moment, Sharif wandered back over, and when the potential sitters saw who I was saving the seat for, they said "Oh, it's Sharif!" and made way, chagrined. I was amused. Apparently Sharif is open mic royalty? Nonetheless, I considered leaving Sharif for Ivan, because Ivan had cake.

Jess and I traded receipts from our pockets. We explained to Rowan about girls and their attitudes toward bottles that fit together. (We like them.) I broke up with Dan, but we decided to be friends. We weren't too upset about it, despite all the zero time that we were together. Rowan turned to me in the middle of a conversation and exclaimed "Hey! Do you want to dip?!" We then had three seconds of dancing. I declared that I would name my first son Gerund, and told the story of my childhood decision to name a girl Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai, pronounce all the "a"s, and teach her that nicknames are bad, so that she'll only answer to her full name. Dan became a vertical Twister board, against his will.

One of the houses across the street from mine is having a new roof installed. This means hammers at 7am. It's annoying, but less so now that I know what the thomping noise is. Yesterday, when it was undefined, it really bothered me.

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