Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

tonight i hope to play with one of America's hottest accessories

I had exactly the evening I needed yesterday. I got home from work, made dinner, ate dinner, then cleaned until Project Runway. I washed and folded clothes, towels and sheets; cleaned the bathroom; put clean sheets on my bed; totally straightened up my bedroom; washed dishes; swept the kitchen. I even took an eveningshower and shaved my legs. It was great. Erica came over for our television fix, the results of which I will be discussing at length over lunch today. And I got to bed before midnight, all comfy and clean.

Looking foward to the weekend. It should be enjoyable, but it's going to be another few days of supersocial activity, so I'm glad that I got my productive therapeutic cleaning time in.

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