Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Yes, these are things that I notice. And think about in depth.

The State of Pennsylvania seems to have changed envelope manufacturers. This is a good thing, as the old envelopes tended to bunch and wrinkle when faced with my letter opener, refusing to be sliced. These new ones, they allow straight, smooth cuts that permit easy access to the licenses inside, and thus put a smile in my heart. Not so crazy about whatever has happened to their folding machine, though.

Virginia seems to have changed something in its printing process, which skews everything a milimeter or two to the left. This is fine almost everywhere, except that the expiration date now overlaps one edge of the box that it is meant to fill. It used to be so nicely aligned, but no more. So many licenses with imperfectly-placed expiration dates, it pains me.

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