Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

so tired

The weekend: 
   - Indian food
   - Puppy!
   - Drive-in movie
   - Lady in the Water
   - Ice cream
   - Perk
   - Music for eight hours
         o ilyAIMY
         o Dan Zimmerman 
         o Karen Scuderi
         o . . . other people
  - Bumper stickers remixed (ban Joanna?) (Banjoanna!)
  - Standing in the rain
  - Dancing foolishly
  - Mistaken for an actual banjo player
  - Puppy!
  - Real breakfast
  - Metro
  - Kennedy Center
  - The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “The Compete History of America (abridged)
         o Funniest ever assassination of Lincoln
  - Franklin’s
  - Puppy!
         o Walk
         o Lesson on stairs (limited success)
         o Such love

It was an eventful and lovely weekend, but there was not nearly enough sleep included in the spaces between the entries on that list. My alarm is set to go off twice every morning- once at 6:30, and again at 7:00. I turned off the first alarm this morning, and then two seconds passed, and then it was going off again. I must have returned to sleep immediately. This doesn’t normally happen. I use the two-alarm system not to keep me from sleeping through the morning, but to time how long I’m allowed to enjoy the warmth and comfort of being awake in bed before moving.

This entry is a prime example of why I should not allow myself to leave such long gaps between updates. I end up glossing over the fun and interesting things, and spending whole paragraphs on my sleeping habits.

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