Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Notes from a Long Weekend

What a holiday weekend! Four-and-a-bit days, packed full.

Friday: Office closed at three. Party with Sharif's former coworkers. Three sweet dogs, jello shots, talk until late.

Saturday: Lunch with Sharif's family and Ben, three tries to find an open restaurant. ilyAIMY's official CD release (fabulous, fabulous.) Dancing Pikachu and compliments and figuring out the credit card machine but never getting to use it. Sleepy lounging later and a taco just before bed.

Sunday: In bed until noon(!). Capital-C Circumstances including fetching a sleeping bag from the parents' house, lunch decisions thwarted, lunch at last, drugstore stop, stoppping by Sharif's house for his sweater, turning around and going back to Sharif's house for my sunglasses, finally getting on the road at 4pm. 2-hour drive to the Cabin. Grilling. Foam-ball guns. Drive-in movie (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. No really.) Making fun of the "17-year-old" main character. Mad drift. Turning off the headlights on the way back. Bonfire and beer and fireworks.

Monday: Up before everyone else. Slow start. Cleaning up the cabin. Lunch at the Country Store. Deciding not to go tubing with the expensive company. Soft serve frozen custard in Harper's Ferry, sitting by the Shenendoah. Home, then showering off the mixture of sweat and dirt and bugspray. Dinner at the 'Ville Grille. A quiet evening with The Sims, after Sharif learns that the lab is open and he does need to work.

Tuesday: Rohinitime at Perk with friends. Bagel sandwich and frozen mocha. The Hole where the annoying authors are apparently sent to the crocodiles. Plans to keep Peyton young. Dinner at the parents' house. Introducing Sharif to the Smothers Brothers and Bill Cosby, Himself.

Today: Wednesday masquerades as Monday. Paperwork in abundance. Lunch with Bree at the Baja Fresh. Grey sky, threatening clouds. Chance of a lazy evening high.

Life: Good to me.

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