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What's it like to be you? - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About What's it like to be you?

Previous Entry What's it like to be you? Jun. 30th, 2006 @ 12:13 pm Next Entry
I am thinking that if I was asked this question, my answer would differ somewhat from the one you'll find here.

Mostly, I link to this because I just like finding my name in places that are not directly referring to me. I know that Rohini and Sharif understand how I feel. At least there's usually a "Joanne" included in the tiny plastic license plates or the keychains shaped like a tourist attraction. I mean, it's not my name, but lots of people think it is!
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Date:June 30th, 2006 04:54 pm (UTC)
I want to see dragons everywhere because I solved the mystery of existence, but I do not want to be known as Weedmaster P.

I have never known anyone named Joanne. Joann, yes, Joanna, yes, Joan, sure, but Joanne? Where do the wee name plate people get their crazy ideas?
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Date:June 30th, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
I just became entirely too amused at the idea of taking one of those keychain sharpies to a truck stop and stealthily writing "JOANNA" "ROHINI" and "SHARIF" across other names. Probably that's pretty illegal, but it's a funny idea.
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