Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


It is clear to me that of the people who had charge of my filing cabinets before I started this job, at least one was pretty sure that the letter "W" comes before "V" in the alphabet. That's my only explanation for the fact that I just had to rearrange all of my Stevens and Stewarts.

Today has been the kind of day in which I make sure that my files are in alphabetical order, simply to have something to do. Even the people who have called me this afternoon, with questions that they thought were incredibly important, turned out to be asking about tasks I'd already finished. Each time, the person on the phone responded along the lines of "Oh! Well, OK then. Thanks."

Here's hoping that I am not currently jinxing myself. As bored as I have been today, I don't need a sudden crisis to keep me at the bog and stressed past my quittin' time.

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