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breakfast! now with more sodium! - Have Fedora, Will Travel — LiveJournal

About breakfast! now with more sodium!

Previous Entry breakfast! now with more sodium! Jun. 26th, 2006 @ 10:32 am Next Entry
Am I eating Combos for breakfast?

Yeah. And not the super-tasty pizza pretzel Combos, either. These are the not-bad-but-not-fabulous-either cheddar cheese cracker ones. This is what happens when you fail to go to the grocery store to replenish your deskfood stores, and are required to have a vending machine breakfast. Just be glad that I’m not eating M&Ms.

Yawn. I wish I was awake.

(To be honest, I actually mostly wish that I was fully asleep, but since that’s not an option while I’m at work, I will permit the wishing-to-be-fully awake to take the primary position. As if it made a difference.)
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