Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


The Special Events Coordinator for our company has just moved into the office directly across the hall from mine. Already she has given me an NCAA polo shirt and a sturdy blue tote bag with our company logo on it. She tells me that she gets promotional items like this all year long, so I look forward to an era of random free stuff. Rock.

I stayed at open mic far too late last night, but Ro was there and music was there and my only regret is my level of fatigue today. The tiredness, however, is outweighed by the fact that I got my hands on the new ilyAIMY CD (through the simple means of paying for it), and I am pleased as punch. I'm also making everyone that comes by my desk look at the cover art, and pointing out my name in the liner notes. What can I say? It happens.

Work today started out slow and ended up worky. I guess I should get back to that.

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