Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

it really is snazzy.

Yesterday was a Joanna/Sharif shopping extravaganza. He tried on lots of clothes and shoes in several stores; bought a pair of jeans, three shirts, a belt, a snazzy leather jacket (for 33.33% of the original $300 price), and a pair of shoes; and ordered the same pair of shoes in another color. I bought some socks. And a shirt that I didn't bother to try on. Something . . . seems . . . unstereotypical . . .


Oh, I also bought a little part of my dad's father's day gift. It was originally priced $14.99, but had a sticker on it that said "Sale! $7.99!". I took it up to the register, and the guy scanned it, told me the total was $15 and change, scanned my credit card. I said "Really?" and pointed to the sticker. His response was that the sale "isn't even on" now. I indicated the sticker again. He called over the manager and said to him "She wants to buy this 50% off." What? Luckily for me, the manager wasn't stupid, and gave the guy a disbelieving look. He then took me to a different register and took care of me, very nicely, crediting my card for the amount that I was overcharged. Crisis averted, and I was able to be smiley and polite throughout.

Right now, it is lovely outside, and I'm going to go join my mother for a walk. Probably I will stop in Historic Ellicott City to pick up a coffee on my way.

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