Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


Yesterday morning, I was awakened by a little electronic tune. A moment's disorientation was followed by the realization that it was the sound of my phone powering down. "Damn," I thought, "Forgot to charge the thing." And I got up to put it in the charger. As the clock told me that it was but 4:00am, I went back to sleep.

This morning it happened again.

Tune, disorientation, "Damn", 4:00am. This time I decided to try to turn the thing on before sticking it in the charger. It powered up, beeped, powered down.

Grr. I hope that there's a 4:00am phone-turning-off ghost in my house, and not that my phone is refusing to hold a charge for more than a day. Because I'm still several months from phone-replacement discounts, as I understand it.

I'm glad it's Friday. For a short week, it sure has been a long week.

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