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Furdable Watson - Have Fedora, Will Travel

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Previous Entry Furdable Watson May. 31st, 2006 @ 09:22 am Next Entry
The three day weekend was excellent fun. And busy busy busy.

Friday we closed the office at three, and I went home and cleaned the house. When Sharif finished up with working, battling traffic, and napping (in that order), he picked me up and we went off to meet up with some of his friends. I ate a buffalo and blue cheese chicken “burger”, had a couple of margaritas, and was introduced to Katamari Damacy. Crazy game. I had Katamari dreams that night.

Saturday, the boy and I went to his parents’ house, as a couple of his mom’s brothers were in from out of town- one from Virginia, one from Hawaii. We ate lots of Hawaiian food, played with the cute hyperdog, and had our very first we’re-both-present-in-the-room conversation like this:

Uncle: So, Sharif, when are you bringing Joanna to Hawaii?
Joanna: Yeah!
Uncle: HONEYMOON?!?!
Joanna: Uh . . .
Sharif: Heh. Apparently we’re getting married.

So it was short and painless, but it was the first.

Later we went to see X-Men 3.

Sunday was shopping, then party. Much fun. Much much alcohol. Monday was exhaustion. Tuesday was work, then open mic, and pretty surprise African violets. No details on any of those things, because probably I should be working. Later, yo. Later.
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