Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility!

I open a lot of inter-office envelopes every morning at work. You know the ones, big and orange, with lines all down the front and back- you cross off your name, and write the name of the next person to whom you need to send something. I like these envelopes. It’s mildly interesting to see who’s been sending each other mail, and they have these string closures that are much more fun than regular envelopes.

One of the envelopes I received this morning has “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!” printed in big bold letters across the flap. I wonder who decided that inter-office mail was the proper way to remind us of this.

Here’s today’s paperwork from the Gaithersburg office! Oh, and remember, safety first!

Maybe it’s meant to alert me to the danger of paper cuts? Because that’s really the most pressing risk I face when going through my mail in the morning. Or maybe it’s just a general reminder . . . I guess inter-office mail is a pretty good way to make sure that many people see your message before it is discarded. And maybe that one sentence will stick in my mind enough to remind me- even subconsciously- to look both ways before crossing a street. It could save my life! In fact, I’m not going to put this envelope in the drawer to wait its turn before being sent back into the world again. This envelope is going to the very next person to require paperwork from me. I want to spread the Message.

Thanks, envelope! Your concern is gratifying.

ETA: Eventually, it occurred to me that this reminds me of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, with its message of "Don't Panic!" written in large, friendly letters on the cover. Why am I still thinking about this?

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