Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

music + science = sexy

A coworker friend of mine recounted a conversation between her and a guy she's been seeing. She asked him "What are you thinking about?" and his response was along the lines of "I was wondering what you were thinking about."

That's very cute, but I laughed and said that if I were to try the same thing, I would most likely get a response like "Oh . . . the moon" or "the Aurora Borealis".

I like it that way.

Sharif and I went out for brunch today. Most of the meal, he was teaching me sciencey things- trying to put atomic and quantum theories into metaphors that fit into my liberal-arts brain. We also talked about phlogiston.


I need to buy pretty sandals. That means a trip to the mall. It's a shame the mall is not outside. I hope that tomorrow, when I'm walking 4+ miles, the weather is as lovely as it is right now.

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