Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Rhymes with "Farnes & Boble"

Back in December, I went to a certain large chain bookstore to buy a present for elf_owl. Specifically, I was seeking the Postsecret book. At the time I was looking for it, they didn't have it in the store, but the guy at the information desk offered to order it for me. He did so, and told me that it would arrive within two weeks. Three weeks passed, and I had no call from the store, so I went in to check. I thought that maybe I'd just missed the call, or perhaps given the wrong phone number. The person at the desk this time checked on my order, said that the computer listed it as not yet arrived, and then pointed out that there was a pile of the books on a nearby counter. She suggested that I simply buy one of those. It made sense to me, and I did so. I gave Laura her present, and all was swell.

Yesterday I had a call from the store, informing me that my special order of Postsecret was no longer available, so they wouldn't be able to provide me with the book. Heh. Glad I didn't wait for a call to go and buy it! It only would have meant four months and no book to show for it. This strikes me, for some reason, as a pretty awesome breakdown of communication.

I'm just glad that I had no reason to be annoyed, or to take out that annoyance on the woman who called me. I'm sure it can't be fun to have to inform people that their orders can't be filled. So, um, yay for not being inconvenienced?

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