Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

long absence, but no note from my mom

The rain, it is pouring down! Complete with rumbly thunder and lightning that zigzags through the sky. It is marvelous.

It was slightly less marvelous when I realized that I had left my driver's side window partially open, but once I finished fixing that particular problem, it was once again marvelous.

Also marvelous was my weekend. Friday night, Sharif and I braved the crowds of Arundel Mills, and emerged victorious some time later- after partaking of good food and beers at DuClaw, then a showing of V for Vendetta. The automatic ticketing kiosk only printed one ticket for us, but we took it and the receipt up to the guest services counter, and the guy there didn't even let us finish explaining before he took the ticket and wrote something on it that indicated to the ticket-taker that we were to be allowed into the theatre. It seemed to work, because we made it in without further incident. Just how I like my inconveniences- not terribly inconvenient. Food was good, beer was good, movie was good. All in all, a highly entertaining evening.

Saturday, for most of the day, was lazy. I ran two errands after waking up in the late morning. Then I returned home and sat on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. I know I was watching TV, and that I was interested in it at the time, but I really have no concept now of what I watched. Reruns of The Next Food Network Star? Maybe. I honestly don't know. Anyway, around dinnertime, Sharif came by and we went to have some Subway food before heading down to Greenbelt for the ilyAIMY/Tinsmith show. The show went really well, I'd say. They filled the place, to the point that tables were removed to make room for more chairs, and the doors were opened to allow people to stand outside and listen. It was good fun (and good music, of course).

Yesterday being beautiful, I convinced the Boy to delay schoolwork for a bit in order to spend time outside. (It actually required not so much "convincing" as "beginning a sentence suggesting".) We headed to the Inner Harbor, just to be predictable, and had a lovely day indeed. Lunch at a newly-opened Tapas place took a very long time- but the food was good, the Sangria was tasty, and the table was next to the open windows, so the process was lesiurly rather than ponderous. After foods, we went to the Aquarium. We managed to see the dolphin show, the new Australia pavilion, and the regular exhibits (including rainforest and sharks), but didn't have time for the frogs before we had to hurry to the car before the parking meter ran out. We were pretty tired by that time anyway, and when we parted ways- Sharif to his schoolwork at last, and me to home- all I managed to do for the rest of the night was sit in my comfy chair and watch TV. It was fairly ideal. I ended up turning down the invitation to have hamburgers at my parents' house, but I feel that was a reasonable decision. I ultimately skipped dinner entirely because of the amount of food I ate at lunch, and I really didn't want to drive anywhere.

Today was Monday-ish, but not bad. And I have decided to take next week off. I am Pleased with the decision. Hopefully I will come up with interesting things to do.

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