Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i watch a lot of the food network for someone who never cooks

My weekend was filled with Sharif and ilyAIMY and Battlestar Galactica. It also featured a sistertrip to the mall and a couple of lengthy sleeps. And foods- none of which, I am now realizing, did I prepare for myself. Dinner Friday at the ‘Ville Grille- corned beef and cabbage special. Lunch Saturday at the Ellicott Mills Brewing Company- burger and half of a beer sampler. Dinner Saturday at the coffee shop in Bel Air where there was music- a turkey bacon wrap. Brunch on Sunday at the Panera at the mall- mochachip swirl bagel with cream cheese. Dinner Sunday of takeout Chinese- chicken with garlic sauce combo (with fried rice, spring roll, and wonton soup). Egad.

The food was not the important part of the weekend. Really, it was about spending time with the Boy. He’s very busy this semester, so I hardly see him during the week- just Tuesday nights, and that’s nothing like alone time. So it was nice to have time this weekend- just sitting and watching DVDs was pretty much exactly what I needed. And, of course, watching him play with the band two nights in a row was fun. I really enjoy that, even when I can tell that I’m blushing bright. (Stories about the happy cuteness of my relationship are apparently alarmingly blush-inducing when told through a microphone . . . in the middle of a set . . . by Rob. I guess that’s not particularly surprising.)

There’s a car alarm making noise in the parking lot. That’s five stories down, but it’s really getting on my nerves. I suppose I should be glad that I’m not any lower.

You can tell I’m really motivated toward working on this Monday morning.

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