Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

they didn't invent the chicken

Yesterday morning I watched the last half hour or so of High Society, the musical remake of The Philadelphia Story. It features Bing Crosby in the Cary Grant role, Frank Sinatra in the Jimmy Stewart role, and Grace Kelly in the Katharine Hepburn role. It made me sad, and I didn’t even hear any of the songs. Actually, that last bit may be for the best. I certainly don’t intend to seek out the rest of the movie. Just no.

Friday night was a party at the home of one of Sharif’s former co-workers. It was good fun, with plentiful tasty food and drink, but ended with an unscheduled overnight stay, so the next morning wasn’t particularly comfortable. Sleeping in my clothes in an unfamiliar place seems to lead to short and numerous odd dreams. Of course, now I can’t remember any of them. But Saturday morning, while waiting for anyone else to wake, I was running through them all in my mind. Only one image remains- Sharif holding a library book and being very excited about he prospect of going to Eldridge. I don’t know why.

The rest of my weekend consisted of good food and pleasant outside time and lots of couch time and wimping out on three separate invitations. I am lame. I fully intended to go to at least one of the three places to which I was invited for Sunday evening, but in the end spent the whole time in my living room. So lame, but relaxing.

Now I am hungry. Must run an errand, then there shall probably be Chik Fil A.

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