Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

-276 degrees motivated

I have Absolute Zero motivation today.

I woke up this morning wishing that I felt ill, so that I could call in sick. But up I got and to work I came, and now I’ve been here for two hours and it feels so much longer. There’s nothing in particular wrong with today- in fact the things I have to do are perfectly normal and not particularly annoying, and there’s a chili cookoff at midday among some of the office denizens, which means that lunch is provided for the rest of us. Pretty nice.

I really could just spend the whole day in bed. But I bet that if I was offered the opportunity to do something interesting, not in any way work-related, and- most importantly- elsewhere, I’d be alert and enthusiastic immediately.

Grump grump grump.

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